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Information Assurance & Cyber Security Trends

A recent survey from Forrester Research found that consumer computer users are more concerned about cyber security than ever before. In addition, the report, Consumer Security Market, 2011 And Beyond: Evolving Buyer Behaviors Breed Market Volatility (August 17, 2011), found that consumers are trying out more cyber security tools by various vendors including solutions that are free. Consumers no longer look at “free” as an indication of poor quality. Many of the most popular websites and social media platforms available today, are free for consumers to use including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Therefore, “paid” applications must really distinguish their products in order to have users pay for it.

In large part, this report suggests that consumers feel that the status quo approach to information assurance is no longer sufficient. Users are looking for real results when it comes to protecting their information and identity. No longer will users remain loyal to a brand that is no longer meeting their needs. As a result, information assurance solutions providers must add real value consistently. If that is not being done, consumers will not remain loyal.


Information Assurance | Cyber Security Trends


  • Security solutions providers must offer value and threat prevention consistently.
  • Fee providers should consider a free version and then charge a fee for expanded features.
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