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Penetration Testing

Strativia’s penetration testing services determine how well your organization’s security policies protect your digital assets. We are able to do this by trying to penetrate or gain access to your network and information the same way a would-be hacker does. Our penetration testing services determine the following at a high-level:

  • What the level of difficulty is to obtain your data from outside of the network
  • Specifies what information is at risk
  • Corrective measures to implement to protect your information from further attacks

Our Penetration Testing process is effective and consists of the following:

  • Detection – Perform thorough searches of WHOIS databases using scan tools to obtain organization information.
  • Enumeration – After the Detection phase, our analysts deploy more intrusive techniques and work to find more vital details, such as user names, network sharing details and even versions of applications deployed on your network.
  • Vulnerability Mapping – During these phases our security analysts create a profile of your organization’s environment to determine target points of the most vulnerable areas of your network.
  • Exploitation – After target points have been identified our analysts attempt to gain access to target areas of your system. This process is fully manual and yield definitive results.
  • Reporting – This process reports findings in the form of a preliminary draft that documents clear findings and gives your organization an opportunity to provide any clarifications before a final report is submitted. Our reports include: Executive Summary, Scope and Methodologies, Research, Priority and Work Matrixes and Findings and Corrective Recommendations.