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Strativia Develops Financial Education Portals

MARYLAND, May 31, 2010 – Strativia gives workplace financial education programs a boost by providing organizations with branded financial education web portals & websites.

Strativia works with companies, government, and schools to create branded and custom financial education websites, portals, and other web-based resources. These web-based resources serve as a platform to achieve specific educational initiatives, reach specific target groups, and as a public relations medium.

With nearly 75% of all employees living paycheck-to-paycheck, personal finance issues can adversely affect their work performance. To combat this growing trend, employers are increasing offering some form of workplace personal financial educationprograms. Employers see this as an extension to their existing benefits package. While there are numerous pros to providing such a service to their employees, most employers notice the following key benefits: increase in contributions and participation in 401K, 403B, and other retirement plans, reduce workplace stress, and to reduce incidence of employee theft.

Strativia assists organizations looking to implement personal financial education programs, by providing their branded web portals and websites that integrate with a company’s intranet. Strativia manages content, changes, and updates on an annual subscription basis. This 100 percent electronic delivery method is cost effective and ensures end users are receiving the latest and greatest information relating to personal financial literacy, investor education, and retirement planning.

About Strativia
Strativia is a leading provider of financial management software development and services specializing in applications for personal and business use. Their software enables users to manage their money matters. They are the developers of such programs as Budget Forecaster and Expense Tracker. These powerful home budget and personal finance management applications help users to reach their financial goals. For more information visit or email us at