Message from the CEO

On behalf of the many dedicated Strativians who have made our company’s success possible, I would like to welcome you to the Strativia website.

Kenneth Kelly

Founder, President & CEO


To start, I will answer a question I get asked all the time, “How did you get started?” While on a business trip in Malibu, California, in the summer of 2004, I was inspired by a brief conversation with Angelo R. Mozilo, the then Chief Executive officer of Countrywide Financial.

The core of the conversation was around Strategy and Technology, hence the name, Strativia, which was born on July 3, 2006. Today, more than 16 years later, Strativia is a trusted leading-edge professional services provider in the GovCon space providing technology, consulting, and services to a range of clients across 19 states and several countries worldwide.

So why Strativia?

It’s simple—we provide our clients access to on-demand talent when and where they need it. We work with your organization in a spirit of collaboration and true partnership by understanding your needs and delivering real results. In short, you gain access to a value-added strategic partner with best-in-class capabilities and competent professionals with relevant domain insight. The following list is what makes us different:

Strategic Focus

We deliver technology, business operational strategies, and other solutions to government and commercial clients nationwide

Dedicated People

Our people work tirelessly toward a positive transformative impact on your organization.

Relevant Competencies

Equipped with appropriate knowledge and credentials, we can meet clients’ needs across each engagement.

Domain Expertise

Emphasizing technology and business processes, we are better able to leverage our experience in the verticals we serve.
On this site, you will find information about Strativia, our services, and how we have distinguished ourselves from our competitors as evidenced by the numerous awards and recognitions we’ve received over the years.