Strativia’s Vision Statement

Strativia is a trusted, cutting-edge professional services provider!

Mission Statement

We help our clients leverage human capital, technology, and systems to seamlessly deliver critical services domestically and internationally.

Strativia’s Core Values

Customer Intimacy

We get to know our customers and put them first; it is that simple. From our CEO to our administrative staff, we value our customers and work toward the common achievement of their missions and goals.

Fierce Integrity

We do right by our customers, staff, and partners and hold ourselves accountable.

Unyielding Courage

We tell the truth, even when it is difficult and inconvenient, and we maintain our conviction no matter the circumstance.

Fanatical Service

We listen, understand, and embrace our customers’ missions, and every move we make from there forward is in alignment with where they are trying to go.

Cooperative Ingenuity

We strive to be resourceful and creative and make a positive difference in every problem without being asked.

Working Together

The ethos we live by is “Together, we can go so much further.” To this end, we work with partners who share our core values, and, together, we deliver sustainable solutions for our customers.