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Baltimore City Council releases new website designed and developed by Strativia.

Baltimore City Council released its new website that was designed and developed by Strativia. The new website boasts streamlined navigation and cutting-edge design to help promote their publishing of legislative information and public government information to be provided to the Citizens of Baltimore.

About Baltimore City Council

The City Council is the City’s legislative body, with the power to enact all ordinances and resolutions. City Council members are elected from fourteen districts, and the President is elected at-large, by all voters of the City. The fifteen City Council members, along with the Mayor, act only by ordinance, resolution or motion. . To learn more about the Baltimore City Council, visit

About Strativia

Strativia is a leading provider of technical, administrative, logistical and management services for both government and commercial organizations. Our core service offerings include Technology Services, Program & Administrative Management, Logistics and Operations, Integrated Facilities Management, Professional Services, and Staff Support. We help our clients leverage technology and human capital to deliver their products and services seamlessly to the local and global marketplace and enhance their ability to compete against competitors both around the corner and around the world. For more about Strativia, please visit: