Energy & Utilities

Assisting Energy and Utility Companies to remain safe, profitable and to thrive in this digital future

Energy & Utility Services 2020

The number of environmental and regulatory challenges facing the energy & utility market grows with each passing day. Energy & Utility companies must improve financial performance, enhance customer satisfaction and revamp service delivery to weather today’s economic climate.

rom metering and monitoring, through billing and customer care, Strativia offers solutions utilizing new technologies and processes to improve efficiency and boost business performance. Strativia has the capability to serve Energy & Utility companies with a wide array of strategic consulting and business process outsourcing solutions. From solutions for plant automation and supply chain optimization, as well as retail, billing and customer care. Strativia understands what it takes to succeed in the energy & utility marketplace and we are dedicated to helping our clients do so.

Why Strativia?

As a valued client, you have access to on-demand technology, human capital and solutions when and where you need it. We work with your government agency or commercial organization in a spirit of collaboration and true partnership by understanding your needs and delivering real results.

In short, you gain access to a value-added strategic partner with best in class technical, operational and strategic capabilities and competent human talent with relevant domain insight and experience.